Slideshowify Gets a Project Homepage, Demos, Documentation

After just sitting there collecting dust for a while, Slideshowify is back and better than ever.

New updates include CSS3 support (provided via @rstacruz‘s excellent jquery.transit.js plugin), animation as well as zooming in both directions and better browser support – it works and looks great on tablets and other touch devices.

In addition, the project now has a legitimate project homepage which provides documentation and a couple of live demos.

Check it out now at:

2 Comments on “Slideshowify Gets a Project Homepage, Demos, Documentation”

  1. Hi, Alex!

    I know exactly what king of messages you get, like “Hi, I’m new to php and would like to make a super site for a costumer and charge him a billion bucks, only I don’t know how. Could you make it and send it to my email in, say, five minutes?” I get this all the time on a slightly different line of work. I hope I’m not doing the same.

    To the point: I think Slideshowify is a beautiful piece of code, but I also think you forgot to mention, in the instructions, where to place the images if they are not on your Gallerama site.

    It should be or uses to be
    var images = (“1.jpg”, “2.jpg”, “3.jpg”);
    or something like this.

    However, there’s no such thing on your code, which just goes on and picks, using a function you made, pictures from a Gallerama directory.

    Am I missing something?



  2. Hi there,

    i am looking for a parameter which can change direction of moving images .. like currently they are moving top to bottom but i want to make it left to right or right to left. thanks in advance

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