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While I don’t recommend editing XML files by hand, its not an uncommon task and I occasionally find myself having to do it.  As I am a big advocate of web based applications, I was hoping to find a web based XML editor but had trouble finding one.  So I built one.

From the technical point of view, editing the XML directly (rather than translating it to a more edit-friendly format, then converting it back) was something I wanted to explore and jQuery’s fantastic DOM support (which covers XML files as well) seemed to be the right approach.  All of the editing is handled in the browser and each update is reflected in the source XML immediately.  Saving merely consists of pushing the string onto a PHP script which saves the file.

The interface is still a little clunky and could use some visual and functional improvements, but it should get the job done for now.  I’m also planning a number of feature updates.

Let me know how you like.

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7 Comments on “Live XML Editor”

  1. very slick stuff. very cool indeed.

    * when editing text:
    * the cursor moves to the beginning of the input value – select the range instead for instant editing
    * enable the submit button only when the current value != the previous value to provide indication that a change has actually been made

    * gimme some keystroke navigation
    * arrows!
    * option-clicking to open recursively an entire branch

    * web workers to handle rendering of large xml files

    that’s it. …for now!

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