SWFUpload Doesn’t Work with Windows 7

Uploading files using a browser has never been ideal, partly since JavaScript and/or HTML do not have the privilege to read size of files on the local file system which stands in the way of calculating upload progress and informing the user with a standard progress bar. To get around this, you can use a Java applet, one of the many hacks which involve Perl, PHP/CLI, or the awesome and very customizable SWFUpload. However, as a new Windows 7 user, I discovered that SWFUpload immediately reports 100% completion and the progress reporting fails. I’m guessing the problem is related to Windows 7’s restrictive nature and a new restrictions on flash plugin’s access to the file system, but hopefully the problem is solvable.

In the meantime, its assuring that the uploads using SWFUpload do work, only the reporting part doesn’t, but that’s the whole reason for using it. The problem was reported on the SWFUpload forum and hopefully its being looked into.